Is it necessary to choose a variable frequency cooker hood? Is the price/performance ratio high?

Is it necessary to choose a variable frequency cooker hood? Is the price/performance ratio high?

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When it comes to household appliances that must be bought in the kitchen, the CIARRA cooker

hood is definitely one.

Without an oven, smart friends invented N kinds of rice cookers to open up new ways of "making

cakes with rice cookers" and "making bread with rice cookers". If there is no cooker hood, the

cooking at home is basically "smoky".

I believe that many friends will often hear the word "frequency conversion" when purchasing a

cooker hood. I used to hear about "inverter air conditioners" and "fixed frequency air

conditioners". In recent years, "inverter wind" has blown into the kitchen, and more and more

"inverter cooker hoods" have been born.

Since it is a new technology, frequency conversion products are naturally more expensive than

fixed frequency products. So, is it worth paying for the word "frequency conversion"?

What is an inverter motor?

The so-called variable frequency motor is to realize the automatic adjustment of the motor

running speed by changing the power supply frequency of the machine according to the different

working environment.

For example, in the inverter air conditioner we often hear, its host can automatically perform

stepless speed change. When the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the host will

run at a constant speed that accurately maintains this temperature to achieve "non-stop

operation", thereby ensuring Stability of ambient temperature.

If the cooker hood uses a variable frequency motor, the air volume can be automatically adjusted

according to the size of the cooker hood in the kitchen. When the cooking fumes increase

sharply, the hood will automatically increase the power and generate a large suction instantly; if

it is simply cooking, it will automatically reduce the power, thus saving electricity.

DC inverter motor vs traditional AC motor

Some people have said that the cooking time is not long, and the cooker hood is not like an air

conditioner that can be turned on all night.

In fact, there is some truth to this. If you don't cook often, and occasionally use a cooker hood, it

is true that the frequency conversion has little effect. However, if you cook often, in order to

have a better cooking environment, it is recommended that you buy inverter products.

1. Large suction with high wind pressure

The first feature of the inverter cooker hood is energy saving, which has just been said.

Let's look at another point, which CIARRA thinks is also very important, that is, the high suction.

What is the most important quality of a good cooker hood, of course, it can absorb net and

discharge quickly.

The variable frequency supercharged cooker hood is stronger when it is strong. When the hood

detects that the smoke exhaust is blocked, it will automatically convert the frequency to boost,

the motor speed will increase, and the exhaust air volume will increase rapidly to prevent the

backflow of oil smoke.

2. Low noise

Another selling point of the variable frequency hood is that the noise will be relatively reduced.

The old-fashioned smoking machines were always rumbling so loudly that if I wanted to talk to

my mom in the kitchen, I had to shout in the living room.

The DC inverter motor has no friction between brushes and steering gear, so the noise is greatly

reduced. Imagine the warm scene of chatting with your family while cooking, and you will feel

that the money is worth spending.

3. More durable

The last point, it is precisely because there is no brush, the wear and tear is small, the life of the

DC variable frequency hood will be longer.

Overall, the user experience of the DC variable frequency hood is definitely better. However, it is

a matter of opinion whether you are willing to pay for these experiences or not. After all, the

right one is the best.

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